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Turnbull & Friends: Ettinger

Posted 03.12.19  - Craft

This Christmas, we’ve partnered with a host of brands to turn Davies Street into a festive destination. In addition to offering a selection of products perfect for gifting, we’ve teamed up with six British brands and craftspeople to provide unique experiences, live making, offers and events in the run up to Christmas. 10% of gross profits made during the Gift Shop will be donated to the Crisis charity for homeless people.

The collaborations have formed as part of a wider celebration of creating in England, working with brands that share the same values, craftsmanship and pride in British manufacturing. One of the brands we have collaborated with is Ettinger.

Founded in 1934, Ettinger is one of the finest luxury leather goods manufacturers in Britain, and the only one with a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales. Among the last makers to still create leather goods in the UK, Ettinger’s quality and attention to detail have been paramount to its continued success and longevity. Earlier this year, they announced their US flagship residency, which we are proud to be hosting at The Turnbull Townhouse on 50E 57th Street, New York. On this partnership, brand synergy and all things Christmas, we had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Robert Ettinger.

Turnbull & Asser: What’s your favourite thing about the festive season?

Robert Ettinger: My mother was Austrian, so for many years I enjoyed a traditional, snow-covered, big family Christmas and this continued when I got married but more recently, my wife and I have changed tact - possibly because life and business has become ever busier - and we now go away for a warm, quiet and completely relaxing break, taking in the amazing landscapes and horizons in Oman. We take a small Christmas tree with us and return at the end of the festive season, totally rested and ready for the new year ahead.

TA: How far in advance do you buy your presents?

RE: Because we now go away to the other side of the world, my wife is very organised and we buy all our presents well in advance, so that we can send them to our family and friends before we leave.

TA: How do you approach gift wrapping?

RE: If you have purchased an Ettinger item, you will have received the most beautifully wrapped gift - the tissue paper wrapping is sublime! - and every year we try to emulate that, but never get anywhere near as good as our Ettinger factory team! Seriously, though, we don't have a theme and are ever conscious about waste and the environment. Our gift wrapping is simple and 100% recyclable.

TA: What Ettinger products would you recommend for gifting?

RE: What's fabulous about our products is that they are all great gifts. We reckon that well over 50% are actually bought as gifts, and every other one is now personalised with initials, too. If you are gifting for business use, our visiting card case is the most popular items. If you are gifting millennials, they love our flat card cases and new zipped pouches, and if you want something for the home, our jewel and cufflink boxes are always a great gift. Our best selling, however, is our billfold wallet. Whatever you choose, we are sure it will be well received.

TA:: Finally, if you could have one item from Turnbull & Asser, what would it be?

RE: It would have to be one of Turnbull's Made to Measure plain cotton shirts in a mid-blue colour. I wear shirts to work every day and nothing beats a perfectly-fitting classic cotton shirt. That is very much my business style.

Visit the Davies Street Christmas Gift Shop between 8th November and 24th December, where leather goods by Ettinger will be available to purchase in-store. Monogramming will be available for Ettinger small leather goods during their event on Thursday 5th December. For more about our Turnbull & Friends Christmas Gift Shop, click here.

Rikesh Chauhan - Turnbull Editorial Team

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