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Cashmere Care Guide

Posted 04.04.20  - Craft

With proper care, our luxury cashmere can last a lifetime.

Much loved pieces can look almost new with the proper care, an excellent way to while away long afternoons is to reinvigorate some of your older pieces. To ensure your cashmere can be worn year after year, we’ve put together a simple guide to explain each of the crucial steps to follow, from how to wash, to the best way to store them. Read on for the official Turnbull cashmere care recommendations.

How to Wash Your Cashmere



“This is a luxury yarn, and should be treated as such, therefore I would advise using a highly rated dry-cleaner”

James Webb, Turnbull & Asser Bespoke Expert.

Many regard dry-cleaning as the only option for cleaning cashmere, as the delicate nature of cloth can be carefully handling in the dry-cleaning process. Research your local cleaners for one who specialises in treating wool and cashmere, if you need an excellent recommendation it's always best to speak to the source of your knitwear as they should have an established relationship with reputable cleaners..

Hand Wash

Hand washing is the best way to keep your cashmere fresh at home, as it reduces the risk of the garment being misshaped or handled too roughly by a machine. To hand wash your cashmere, you’ll first need to fill a large bowl or bucket (a clean sink will also do) with lukewarm water and delicate laundry detergent or cashmere shampoo. Next, submerge the garment and leave for soak for a few minutes before kneading gently, trying not to rub or wring the garment. Rinse thoroughly and place flat onto a towel. Gently roll the towel while adding pressure to remove excess water. Then, leave the jumper to dry atop a towel on a flat surface, carefully reshaping as it dries, if needed.

How to Treat Pilling

Pilling can be an unwelcome reality of knitwear, however it is easy to treat. Cashmere combs can be used to carefully brush the surface of the jumper to remove the small bits of fuzz without damaging the garment. An electric 'de-bobbler' is also an effective way to remove pilling or, for smaller loosened tufts, a lint brush is also a useful tool. Taking time out to tend to your cashmere can be cathartic and allows you to give your prize garments the attention they deserve.

How to Store Cashmere

When you’re not wearing your cashmere jumper, we recommend folding it and placing it in a dresser or wardrobe. By hanging a cashmere jumper on a hanger, you run the risk of gravity taking its course and the jumper may begin to sag and the sleeves elongate. As you pack away your winter apparel for the warmer months, we suggest investing in knitwear storage bags that will keep moths and mustiness at bay. Cedar balls or chips are also helpful to keep your cashmere protected during the off-season. Caring for your cashmere not only increases the longevity of the knitwear piece but can also be a process that allows you to appreciate the craftsmanship care that goes into each garment.

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