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A T&A shirt is made from 33 individual pieces of fine cloth and 13 iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons. Rigorous quality checks are carried out at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the finished product is of the highest possible quality.


Our shirts use extra-long Egyptian cotton in soft yet strong two-fold compositions; we have also introduced luxurious West Indian Sea Island cotton – the rarest in the world – to ready-to-wear. Before cutting, each piece of cloth is extensively examined for flaws.

The Weave

A weave is the way in which threads of cotton - called 'warp' and 'weft' - are fashioned together to make a type of textile. A range of techniques give different materials certain properties; our variety of weaves mean there is a shirt to satisfy everyone's preferences. Learn about them below.

The Buttons

Believing in quality down to the smallest detail, we forgo flimsy plastic buttons in favour of deep-shell Australian mother-of-pearl from ecologically sustained sources. Each button is graded and polished then given a double ring edge and four sewing holes; they are then sewn on with strong crossed-lock stitching to prevent it from ever detaching.


It’s not just the material or fit that dictate a shirt's style - it's the finishing details, from the top of the neck to the sleeve’s end. Our seven collar options and trio of cuff choices make dissecting a T&A design a precise and personal experience.

The Collar

Our collars are non-fused with a woven bias cut interlining for a more organic construction. Instead, we rely on superior materials, construction and craftsmanship to maintain the collar’s shape, obviating the need for a fused construction and thus leaving the material more comfortable for the wearer.

The Cuffs

Our shirts offer two main cuff choices. Designed to be worn with cufflinks, Double Cuffs - or French Cuffs - are a formal, flamboyant style exclusively sewn with holes 1”/ 2.5cm from the edge. Button-Down barrel cuffs are a T&A signature thanks to their unique three-button construction; they’re often fastened only at the centre for a style statement.

The Fit

Quality fabric, a flawless cut and first-class construction count for nothing if your shirt doesn't fit correctly. It's the first thing that others notice and the last thing you want to get wrong. T&A shirts come in three fits: Regular, Weekend and Tailored. Learn more about each style below.

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