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Wallpaper* Handmade

Posted 16.07.19 - Craft

Ten years, 587 projects and 1085 collaborators. Wallpaper* Handmade has curated and paired some of the finest creative talents and rising stars with the most outstanding makers and manufacturers.

A celebration of Love in its infinite variety, we teamed with Asylum—a Singapore-based multi-disciplinary studio—to create two identical quilts for Handmade X: With Love, in our tie-making workroom in Sidcup, London. Using some of our most iconic tie cloths, the patchwork design stays true to the dimensions of our ties—each patch is 9.5cm wide, like the tip of each tie blade in the collection—and truly celebrates the care and attention taken by each maker. The handmade skills of the team are unique to Turnbull & Asser and this quilt brought them all together to problem-solve and create these blankets that honour the original design, pattern and colour that Turnbull is known for, without ever compromising on the quality of make.

The materials in the blankets are 100% silk satin, woven silk jacquard and screen-printed silk – all cloth originating from the UK. The blanket is filled with cotton padding and backed with 100% burgundy silk. The patches have been cut by hand and then machine-stitched together with attention to accuracy; ensuring that all the patches line up perfectly. The blanket, once formed in full scale, is then stitched by hand in a diamond grid (visible on the back) with a sink-stitch between the patches to create the quilted effect and emphasise the design.

Around 330 individual pieces of cloth were used for each blanket, measured at 1m x 1.5m (approximately 11 pieces x 29-31 pieces). Taking ten days to make, the blankets were created by six craftspeople - four of whom focused on the hand-stitching and machining whilst two focused on cutting. The cloths include three satin silks, our Sky Blue Gatsby printed silk, and the Navy and Pink Mini Square woven silk fabric.

On the use of our ties and adhering to Wallpaper* Handmade’s concept of ‘Love’, Asylum’s Chris Lee said, “My earliest memory of love is my mother tucking me in bed with a blanket so that I felt the warmth, both physically and psychologically.” He and his team chose the tie as a symbol of work, of ‘bringing home the bread’, in “a subtle message for us not to forget the different ways in which love touches us.”

Get a closer look at the blanket, as featured in the latest issue of Wallpaper* Magazine or visit Handmade X.

Rikesh Chauhan Turnbull Editorial Team

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