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West Indian Sea Island: The World’s Rarest Cotton

Posted 18.07.17  - Craft

Our West Indian Sea Island cotton shirts are made from a precious raw material, exclusively picked by local farmers in Barbados.

The cotton is carefully selected and woven by the Albini factory. Extremely scarce, it makes up just 0.0004% of longer staple yarn production, and out of the 110 million cotton bales produced each year, only 130 of those are West Indian Sea Island.

The cotton has an unrivalled softness and a silky yet strong surface, resisting wear while smoothing over time.

In this short film, head of design Dean Gomilsek-Cole explains why West Indian Sea Island cotton is considered the best in the world, with a rare glimpse inside the Albini factory.

West Indian Sea Island Cotton from Turnbull & Asser on Vimeo.

Ruby Burns - T&A Editorial Team

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