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The Turnbull guide to photo albums

Posted 22.03.20  - Culture

At a time when most of us are staying indoors, we at Turnbull are dedicating ourselves to providing you with inspirational ways to occupy your time.

When discussing how to make best use of downtime, Retail General Manager, Michael Searle shared his pastime of choice;

“I'd like to go through all my digital photos, get some printed, and maybe even order some photo albums to fill up. As well as providing lasting memories, I'm sure this would result in quite a few laughs and smiles too!” - Searle.

Creating a memory capsule of visual souvenirs from life’s most cherished moments is a great way to appreciate days gone by, and the people whom you’ve spent them with. The curation of the pages is an activity that lends itself perfectly to reflective solitary moments or alongside loved ones.

Firstly, take the time to compile your photographs. Blow the dust off those boxes of memories and begin to curate your favourites. You can consider how the images will look together, perhaps choose a theme - whether it be a selection of snaps from a particular occasion or a homage to a loved one. Our tip is to write on the back of your photographs – or begin to make labels. Dates, names and places are helpful to jog the memory later on, but a short note about the memory is even better.

If you don’t have physical copies, you can enlist in one of the many online resources, that will print your photographs and send them to your door. The Print Studio is a great choice, with an array of paper stocks, finishes and sizes.

Besides the photos themselves, your album of choice plays a key role in the presentation of your curated memories. If you’ve already come up with an idea of what kind of layout you’d prefer, then look for an album that will allow you to compile your images in the way you’d like. For extra charm and traditional feel, secure your photos with paper photo corners, available any many photo printers and art shops in a range of colours that are sure to add a welcomed finishing touch.

Aspinal of London offers a range of leather-bound photo albums including acid-free pages and pH-balanced tissue interleaving for ultimate protection of your memories for years to come.

If you come across a snapshot that you’d prefer on the display, Ettinger produces a range of leather frames that will do the job seamlessly.

We’d love to see your finished product. Post to Instagram and tag @turnbull_asser — we’ll be sharing our favourites on our stories.

Glenys Johnson

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