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Through the Lens: NHS Scrubs by Stephen J. Morgan

Posted 29.04.20

To assist us in telling our NHS scrubs story, we commissioned longstanding collaborator and friend of Turnbull, photographer Stephen J. Morgan, to visit our Gloucester workrooms and document the project in its early stages.

His well-honed eye for unusual details and his ability to capture a person’s essence in a single frame are skills we have witnessed in his work on our seasonal campaigns and other projects. His brief this time, however, was to observe and document our highly skilled team of machinists as they shifted from constructing luxury shirts to the production line for medical-grade PPE.  It was exactly Stephen's unique skill set that was able to capture everyone at Turnbull's compassion for our frontline workers as well as the determination we, and indeed the whole country, have to do our bit to protect them.

See more of Stephen's work here.

Daniel Challis

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