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The Davies Street Dream Team

Posted 13.08.16  - Craft

As we celebrate our Davies Street store's first birthday, it is time to become acquainted with the gents behind the counter, the four-man force dominating Mayfair menswear.

Mr James Cook - Manager

First in command as manager of our Davies Street store, Mr Cook is the second longest serving member of T&A retail staff – royal warrant holder Mr Steven Quin of Bury Street currently holds the title – but his career originally took a different route. James actually studied Forestry at an agriculture college before working briefly as a labourer in the 80s.

‘I remember a guy on the site was boasting about his Armani suits.’ James tells us. ‘I piped up and said, “No, if you want a decent suit you go to Savile Row.” I don’t know where that came from but I must have had an instinct for what I thought was appropriate formal dress. I found an advertisement for a job at Harrods in the menswear department and got it. When I got there I was immediately in awe of the guys next to me on the Turnbull & Asser stand.’

After some time at Harrods, Mr Cook moved to Jermyn Street where his education in shirting truly began. Still with us many years later, James has worked in both ready-to-wear and bespoke in our London and New York locations, and has represented the company on a number of international trips and trunk shows. More recently he has been involved in creating exclusive clothing for the Mayfair store.

Mr James Webb - Assistant Manager

Mr Webb started as a young actor before delving into the shirt business, working for a number of different brands in the city. Now with us for eight years, he worked in Jermyn Street before transferring over to the US where he trained in bespoke, spending time in our New York and previous Los Angeles store.

Mr Ike Victor

Ike has worked for T&A for half a decade, previously at our concession in Harrods as well as on Jermyn Street. A true people-person, philosophical Mr Victor is never shy of conversation and is always on-hand for style suggestions.

Mr Edward Powers

Eddie joined Turnbull & Asser in August 2015 and is the newest addition to the Davies Street team. However, Mr Powers’ menswear experience is by no means limited; he previously worked in tailoring and vintage-wear for an iconic American brand and is now training to become a pattern cutter. A musician in his spare time, Eddie has dual nationality with the United States so resonates with customers both at home and across the pond.

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