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The best way to make sure cashmere garments last is to handle them carefully.

Cashmere should be cared for like any other fine woollen. To keep them looking new, follow these steps:


  • Hand wash with cool water (up to 35ºC / 95ºF), using only pure soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool water.
  • Squeeze out excess water by hand or gentle spin. Do not wring.
  • Lay out flat to dry in shape.
  • Do not dry in direct heat or strong sunlight.
  • Press using cool iron (wool setting) and damp cloth.

General Care

  • Fold knitwear with tissue and store flat in a drawer. To avoid a line running down the middle, fold each side of the body inward by a third, smooth the arms down, and fold in half.
  • Never hang cashmere knitwear, it will cause shoulder dimples, and the pull of gravity will distort the overall shape.
  • Give knitwear garments a rest between wearings for at least 24 hours; wrinkles should vanish.
  • Treat stains as quickly as possible; rinse immediately with cold water; hot water may set the stain. If garments get wet, allow to dry away from direct heat, and then brush with the nap.
  • Where relevant, at season`s end, clean and store garments in an un-crowded garment bag in a cool, dry place; fold knitwear and store in a chest or drawer; moth crystals or spray will help protect garments from moths.

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