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Turnbull & Asser was founded upon a love for textiles and a passion for original design. For over one hundred years, we have developed our own checks, stripes, patterns and prints, treasured now in the dusty, precious leather-bound archive books hidden away in our bespoke store. Inside these books are rows upon rows of hand-painted gouache stripe and check designs, which went on to become shirt cloth, woven on industrial looms in the north of England.

With this collection begins a re-focus on cloth, craftsmanship and the processes behind the products. Each piece at Turnbull is created with thought and time, showcasing - above all else - our love for textiles new and old.


This Spring collection has focused on wardrobe essentials including our classic shirts, pop colours of cashmere knitwear and the perfect fitting pleat-front chinos, all designed with proportion and detail in mind.

"We aspire for all Turnbull designs to be around
long after a decade, let alone a season."

Becky French, Creative Director of Turnbull & Asser.

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