How They Styled Our Shirt & Tie: LFWM AW18

Posted 10.01.18 - Style

Another whirlwind weekend has come and gone, and we find ourselves finally getting a little downtime following London Fashion Week Men’s. During the weekend, we worked with Messrs David Evans of Grey Fox Blog, Aleks Cvetkovic of The Jackal Mag, and The Dapper Chapper's Adam Tanous.

With a refocus on quality tailoring, we wanted to highlight a trio of rakish gentlemen who stay true to the sartorialism and heritage that British menswear is synonymous for. We invited them down to our Jermyn Street flagship to style a shirt and tie of their choice, specifically for London Fashion Week Men’s. Picking from a selection of styles, fabrics and motifs for both the shirt and tie, we snapped them during the weekend and asked why they chose the ones they did.

Mr. David Evans, Grey Fox Blog

"I write a lot about British-made menswear, so naturally I was going to choose a quality shirt and tie made in the UK. I love patterned silks and was looking for something a little different that would stand out at LFWM, while not straying too far from a traditional design. The fuchsia, maroon, kingfisher blue and orange fitted perfectly and the subtly striped shirt complimented these colours perfectly. The shirt is from T&A's exclusive cloths and the fit, feel and cut are perfect."

Mr. Aleks Cvetkovic, The Jackal Mag

“There’s something very British about playing with colours in a formal look. A navy bengal striped shirt and burgundy grenadine or satin tie is (dare I say) quite a predictable look to wear with tailoring – particularly in the City. For something that remains sharp, but is less traditional, inverting the colours in your shirt and tie works a treat.

I chose this particular tie because the repp was an unusually rich navy – French navy rather than a darker midnight blue. The thick twill of the silk repp is all that was needed to bring that look together texturally, because the charcoal flannel suit is very rich. If I’d gone for a spotted or patterned tie, it would have looked a little too busy.

I added the ruby tie tack because I can never resist wearing just a touch of bling with sharp tailoring, and on a plain tie a pin always looks elegant. Make sure your pin is worn to lift the tie and give it some shape on the neck – it has to add a sense of life to the tie and help it to stand proud from the suit – it’s not pure decoration."

Mr. Adam Tanous, The Dapper Chapper

“The classic fit light blue shirt with a 100% pure cashmere tie is about understated elegance. Firstly, it's a combination that has versatility and can be worn during the day or for evening affairs. More crucially, it's for gentlemen who appreciate high-quality detail, without having to demand attention through loud colours or patterns. The cashmere tie is as much about feel as it is about the aesthetic.”

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Rikesh Chauhan Words & Images, T&A Editorial Team

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