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The construction

Attention to detail means our ties are unlike any others. Formed from three sections – the blade, the gusset and the under end – they are hand-stitched in England by skilled sewers using premium, exclusive silks and indestructible bonded thread.

Our Tie Styles

T&A ties come in a range of three widths; choose from the clean and cool Slim style, the never-date Classic creation or the statement Skipper tie - our take on the rhyming retro Kipper tie.

  • Thinner Blade


    Our thinner blade ties range from the super slim 6.5cm to a modern variation on the standard width at 9.5cm. Opt for one of our thinner blade ties for a contemporary twist on a classic outfit.

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  • Regular Width


    Our classic standard tie width is a classic 9.5cm wide tie. Perfect for the office or an evening event, they are a true wardrobe staple.

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  • Skipper Fit


    A signature 12.5 tie width from our head of design, Dean Gomilsek-Cole, the skipper is a modern interpretation of the 60's favourite 16.5cm 'Kipper Tie'.

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The loop

Each T&A tie has, what we call, a ‘magic loop’ of bonded thread in its blade. This allows the tie to ruche and relax back into shape no matter how many times it is pulled from the collar after a long day.

The Silk

Our ties are made from Suffolk-woven silk and a wool blend lining, and is stitched together using strongest-ever bonded nylon thread.

Design process

Head of design Dean Gomilsek-Cole designs each tie by hand, alongside menswear designer Shaun Gordon. Inspiration for the designs come not from passing trends, but a blend of archive designs, architecture, classic illustrations and much more.

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