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The history

A once-essential garment for T&A that became lost over the years, our silk dressing gowns experienced a revival in recent years thanks to the arrival of our Head of Design, Dean Gomilsek-Cole, who was inspired by the drawings in our archived 1930s adverts.

A classic dressing Gown

The pinnacle of downtime luxury, gowns act as a style mascot for the bygone era of elegance. From luxurious silk gowns to light-weight cotton styles, there's a perfect T&A gown for every night of the week.

The materials

Our gowns are made with either luxurious silk - the very same silk as our ties - or the same high-quality cotton that our shirts are made from. Both options are made in England and feature both seasonal and classic designs.

Suffolk woven Silk

Our gowns use high-density 350-end woven jacquard silk woven in Suffolk. Each creation is designed in-house and dyed to our own specifications; for prints, we use both digital and hand screen-printing on 36oz and 50oz foulard twill silk.

Exclusive designs

Well-known for their flamboyance, our silk gowns even had a special room for fittings at our Jermyn Street store during the 20s and 30s due to their popularity. We aim to bring back the opulence of our past, translating our favourite tie silks into gowns – often only five or six in number - to showcase ornate, complex creations on larger canvas’.

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