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Balloon-Fest Pink Printed Silk Tie


Balloon-Fest Pink Printed Silk Tie


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Style Notes

Dreaming of a world beyond the skies, aviation played a key part in our time travel themed SS16 collection. This tie realises the otherworldly beauty of the humble hot air balloon by giving the archaic vehicle an artistic focus. Printed rather than woven for a smoother feel and lighter weight - somewhat appropriate for the subject matter - this statement neckwear will give any shirt an eccentric lift off.

Construction Details

Our silk ties are hand-sewn in Kent by a team of artisans with centuries of combined experience. Our printed designs are a more contemporary choice as they’re smoother in texture and allow for a greater colour palette; their lighter weight also makes them ideal for warmer weather. The signature paisley tipping is made with acetate to withstand any abrasion caused by belts or zips. The blade of each design features a unique hidden 'loop' made from strongest-ever bonded thread, which allows the tie to ruche and relax back into place after wearing.

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