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Cotton On To The Difference

We’ve been making shirts for over 130 years and believe there is one style that conquers all else - the classic white shirt. Having reached the pinnacle of craftsmanship, what sets a T&A shirt apart from everyday alternatives is our devotion to quality: with shirts made from the finest cloths, constructed by the hands of experienced seamstresses in our English factory, it’s time to #CottonOnToTheDifference.

Strength Of Attachment

A classic white shirt is only as useful as the strength of its button. We’re so confident that ours will never detach that we do not include any spares with our shirts. That’s because each button is sewn on using ultra-strong crossed-lock stitching that makes it almost impossible to remove.

The buttons are one of the smallest components of our shirts - but also the hardest working
Dean Gomilsek-Cole, Head of Design

Three Button Cuff

T&A invented the iconic three-button cuff. Every white shirt forgoes flimsy plastic buttons in favour of ecologically sustained mother-of-pearl, using only the thick, deep shell variety rather than shard-like splinters. They are ground down five times to get the surface exactly right, with only the whitest being picked for use. Finally, the buttons are graded, polished and given a smart double-ring edge, before each of their four sewing holes is punched through individually to prevent shattering.

Stitching & Material

Every T&A shirt is made from the finest cotton, from long-staple Egyptian to ultra-rare West Indian Sea island varieties, and is made from 34 individual pieces sewn together by a single needle executing 18-20 stitches per inch. We employ a method of joining side seams and sewing shirt tails in one operation with a neat second row of stitches adding to the strength; this ensures each shirt has an ultra-strong, fine, flat finish.

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